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Critical Starts Begin with
Maximized Battery Performance.

Download Your Free Copy of Powering Up Your Genset:

The Ultimate Guide to understanding the importance of the Best Battery Selector.

Are you tired of power outages and battery system failures in your critical power engine starting applications and electrical switchgear environments?


Look no further than Enercon's BBS. Our solution provides power from two separate batteries to one or more loads, ensuring optimal battery system performance and redundancy protection.

In peek operation, current flows through our Best Battery Selector from both system batteries, providing maximum power to your application. However, if one battery becomes weak or experiences a catastrophic failure, power automatically flows from the other battery to the load. This configuration prevents both batteries from being in parallel, which eliminates the risk of the bad battery causing failure of the other.

Don't let a single battery failure bring down your entire system. Trust in Enercon's Best Battery Selector for reliable and efficient power distribution.


Download our eBook today to learn more about how our solution can benefit your critical power applications.

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