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Enercon's EDucation Program

In 2022, Enercon launched the EDucation Program in honor of our Founder and Chairman Ed Tangel, a pioneer in electrical controls engineering.

The program’s mission is to promote electrical engineering through STEM educational experiences designed for local youths, and on-the-job training for adult veterans making the transition to civilian life.  


Enercon’s EDucation Program will initially donate KiwiCo’s STEM Classroom Kits (the Robot Crawler) to select schools and teachers within the greater Peoria area. Each kit is specifically chosen to follow in Ed’s footsteps by exposing 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to the wonders of energy and engineering. 


Our goal is to deliver an engineering experience to 1,000 elementary school students in 2022!

Nominate your child's school to participate in Enercon's EDucation program.

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