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Huntsville, AL

Jul 21, 2022

A Small Business Concern with a Large Business Presence!

Enercon increases its offerings at the 2022 Space and Missile Defense Symposium.

Enercon, a Peoria, Illinois-based company best known for engineering, manufacturing, and testing the Missile Defense Agency’s THAAD-PPU (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense - Prime Power Unit) that powers the AN/TPY-2 radar that tracks and cues long-range targets for engagement by the missile defense system, is pleased to announce it is increasing their footprint at the 2022 Space and Missile Defense Symposium and will showcase the company’s largest exhibit to date.

Visitors to Enercon’s new booth (#331) will learn about the company’s proven capabilities to provide advanced Tactical Electric Power (TEP) solutions to the United States Armed Forces and its Allies, and new product offerings focused on delivering portable water reclamation and filtration units to military bases around the globe. The company will also display examples of custom OEM industrial control panels to promote Enercon’s volume manufacturing and assembly lines designated for military and defense applications.

“Our expanded product offerings at this year’s event are a direct response from conversations we’ve had with senior officials and military leaders we met in 2021,” said Shaun Lott, Vice President of Global Sales and Head of Enercon’s Huntsville, AL office. “We’ve seen a renewed focus on small business concerns like Enercon, and we’re here to take on a larger role to help meet our military’s increased need for secure, sustainable Tactical Electric Power (TEP) and installation infrastructure needs.

Lott will be accompanied by additional members of Enercon’s leadership team including CEO, Larry Tangel, President, Nick Keever, Chief Engineer, Evan Ruach, and Director of Marketing, John Edburg.

Prime Power Unit for the AN/TPY-2 Radar of the THAAD Missile Defense System


Since 2009, Enercon is the driving force behind the Missile Defense Agency’s THAAD-PPU (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense - Prime Power Unit) for the ballistic missile defense system. The highly mobile power unit provides primary power to the AN/TPY-2: Army Navy/Transportable Radar Surveillance, which detects, tracks, and discriminates against incoming ballistic missiles.

THAAD-PPU provided critical power to the radar during a successful ballistic missile intercept targeting an oil facility near Al Dhafra Air Base in UAE in January 2022. THAAD-PPUs are currently forward deployed and operational in Japan, Israel, Turkey, and the Middle East.

Enercon Engineering, Inc.

Enercon Engineering, Inc. is a privately held small business headquartered in Peoria, IL with production facilities in East, Peoria, IL, and business development offices in Huntsville, AL. Enercon is a trusted resource for engineering and manufacturing customized critical power solutions for the defense, industrial, commercial, municipal, and government segments. Enercon is certified in and adheres to ISO 9001:2015, MIL-SPEC, UL 508A, UL 891, and UL 1558 quality standards. With over 50,000 projects completed and deployed worldwide in110 countries; Enercon’s solutions are specifically designed to ensure operational security and energy optimization in any environment. More information about Enercon Engineering, Inc. is available at

Contact Information: 

John Edburg, Director of Marketing

C: (630) 917-3355 | O: (309) 427-4637

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