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Learn the status of the
Electrical power industry


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In these proprietary 2021 research results, learn about the specifying and buying habits in the electrical and power industry.


The Electrical Design & Power Systems study was conducted by Consulting-Specifying Engineer to identify the buying and specifying habits of engineering professionals involving electrical and power products and systems. Executive summary:

  • Eighty percent of survey respondents determine the requirements/write specifications when selecting electrical or power systems; 71% research and evaluate the options; 70% supervise or consult on the project. 

  • The average respondent spends 35% of their billable hours or time at work researching and/or specifying electrical and power systems. 


  • The average firm specifies $3.2 million annually in electrical or power systems for new and existing buildings; 33% specify more than $5 million annually. 


  • Respondents most often write prescriptive (77%) or performance specifications (76%) for electrical or power systems. 


  • Forty-eight percent of respondents have observed an increase in alternative energy/renewable energy systems over the past 12 to 18 months; other changes include those to budget/cost of projects or products specified (44%) and energy efficiency (39%). 

  • More than 70% of respondents foresee challenges in the future of electrical and power systems, engineers and/or the industry as they relate to the speed of project delivery and inadequate budgets. 

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Originally Published In Consulting-Specifying Engineer

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