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Houghton, Michigan

Michigan Tech University

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Emergency Standby Power

With thousands of students attending classes, working in labs, and living on campus, the need for reliable emergency power is critically important at Michigan Tech University.

To meet this need, Enercon Engineering custom-designed a control system & switchgear for four large diesel-powered generators. Built around Enercon’s unique Evolution touch screen control system, this medium-voltage switchgear controls 9 megawatts of emergency standby power for the entire university.

The switchgear consists of four generator cubicles, one master cubicle, and one remote panel to interface with the existing switchgear rated NEMA 1 for indoor use.

The university was able to reduce its energy bill demand costs by reaching a standby agreement with the local utility company.


Project Specifications


- Four 2.250 kW engines

- Diesel-powered


- 9 MW total power

- 12,470 total volts

Controls & Switchgear

- NEMA 1 Automatic Paralleling Medium Voltage Switchgear

- 3 phase, 3 wire 1,200 amp main bus

- Enercon Evolution Touch Screen Controls

- SCADA Monitoring system

- Power metering includes 3 phase AC amps, phase to phase AC voltage, frequency, kilowatts (3 phase), power factor, kVARS (3 phase), kilowatt-hours (3 phase Accum.), kilobar hours (3 phase Accum).

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