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Electrical Engineering and PLC Programming Designed to
Simplify Power Complexity and Increase Worker Safety.

Power control and distribution systems are complicated. Fortunately, we're here to make it easy! We offer an array of services, including electrical engineering design for your power plants or automation strategy, and PLC programming that will simplify the complexities involved in managing electricity flow through various channels at custom specifications. Our goal is to make sure your operation is running smoothly 24/7 without any hiccups or glitches!

Electrical Control Design

At Enercon, we understand that each power challenge is unique. That's why we work closely with our clients to custom design energy control systems that meet their specific needs and preferences. Our team of experts can also advise on the best equipment options for a project, ensuring optimal functionality and energy efficiency. We take pride in our commitment to going above and beyond for our clients and making sure their energy challenges are effectively addressed down to the last detail. 


As a leader in the power industry for over 45 years, our team of expert engineers has developed custom power control systems for a wide range of applications including military and defense contractors. Our ability to integrate systems seamlessly allows our partners and customers to achieve their desired outcomes and stay competitive in an ever-changing market. 


Our engineering expertise goes beyond just power controls - we also assist in developing new products and services, making us a valuable asset in the industry. In addition our design capabilities for low and medium switchgear make us a go to for commercial and municipal applications. We are proud of our track record and continue to push the limits of innovation in power control.


To help further meet your specifications, Enercon can be considered an OEM for major power equipment component manufacturers such as ABB, Square-D, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Toshiba, Cutler-Hammer, among others.

All of our designs incorporate the latest protection and control technologies, advanced connectivity and diagnostics, and world-class industrial software for PLC, HMI, and SCADA. This allows us to incorporate the absolute highest quality components into our Power Control Systems.  

Custom Programming

When it comes to implementing advanced control systems for industrial needs, our team of engineers goes above and beyond to ensure a seamless process. From the very beginning, we collaborate closely with end-users, consultants, and contractors to ensure full understanding of technical specifications and requirements.

Once the electrical design and control schemes are complete, our programmers develop PLC logic and HMI application screens based on each project's specific sequence of operations. And when it comes to implementation, we can provide standalone PLC controls or integrate them into low or medium voltage switchgear as a fully tested turn-key system. Our control experience is vast and versatile, spanning various manufacturers such as Allen Bradley, GE, ComAp, Woodward, Basler, Siemens, Modicon, and Caterpillar. In other words, our team has the expertise necessary to tackle any control system project with confidence and expertise.

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Sales and Applications 

Enercon is unique because we have a team approach to designating Sales, Application, and Engineer resources to develop the best solutions for our customers. This allows us to utilize our long-term industry knowledge and experience upfront in applications before getting our engineers involved. Our team approach also allows us to have more than sales interactions and coordination with dealers, electrical contractors, electrical consultants, and end customers.

We employ Enercon-trained engineers who are familiar with various industries, products, and manufacturers and can provide engineering solutions for any brand of OEM electrical equipment. Having Enercon-trained engineers on staff helps us maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction by providing the best possible product solution for your needs. In addition, Enercon has a network of authorized service centers trained and equipped to handle all grades of repairs for Enercon products. This ensures that our products are always backed by factory-authorized service personnel.

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