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Powering Industry
for Nearly 50 Years.

Enercon has been in the business of powering industry for nearly 50 years. We provide critical standby power and electrical controls for a wide range of applications, from offshore oil platforms to large, automated manufacturing facilities. We also offer pump controls, motor controls, and general-purpose UL508A and UL698A industrial controls for a variety of industries, including mining, chemical processing, food and beverage production, and more. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians are experts in the design, fabrication, and installation of our products. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you power your industry.

Oil & Gas

We know the drill. 


Enercon is a global leader in providing rugged, industrial-grade standby power solutions to the oil and gas industry.


We have been designing, fabricating, and testing power packages for nearly 50 years. Our experience in the most demanding environments makes us the best choice for your critical offshore power needs. We offer a full range of custom controls and gensets for your specific application, whether for an offshore platform, LNG plant, or loading facility.


Enercon is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers, and our team of experts is always available to answer any questions you may have. Reach out to us today to learn more about how Enercon can help you with your offshore power needs.

Petroperú Logo

A wild job.

Enercon contracted with PetroPeru to develop, engineer, and assemble four pump sets to extract oil from underneath the jungle floor near Lquitos, Peru.

Two, 900 HP diesel engines power the pumps were designed to move oil through PetroPeru's main pipeline, while a set of smaller, 475 HP engines run the pumps for a secondary system.

With mobility and terrain challenges, Enercon developed a method to support the pump sets both en route and on location. The solution was to engineer and fabricate a specialty skid base with designated lift points to make the unit easily transported by land, sea, and air.

Enercon PetroPeru Project
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Power Generation Capabilites for Manufacturing
Manufacturing Facilities

Made for you.

Manufacturing is the driving force of the world's economy and the backbone of America. Our nation's factories build, assemble, mold, fabricate, bake, brew, roast, etc., a wide array of products made from a wide array of materials. But, as unique and individual these facilities may be, they all have one thing in common. The need for reliable power.


A loss of power for a manufacturer is more than an inconvenience, it's a loss of productivity and revenue for the company. These losses can add up to thousands or even millions of dollars, and have a long-term impact on the organization's bottom line as well as a negative impact on its reputation. 

Enercon is here to help keep America's factories powered up by providing best-in-class backup, standby, and critical power solutions and control systems. We work with our clients to ensure they can power through grid failures and/or severe weather to keep throughput levels optimal.

Agricultural Power Generation Capabilities

It takes more than sunlight to keep a farm growing strong. The need for reliable electrical power is crucial for modernized automation "smart farming" which controls many functions including irrigation, watering and feed systems, storage facilities, and trending growing methods like hydroponics. 


To meet the demands of a growing global population, farmers will need to increase current agricultural production by 70% by 2050. To help accomplish this feat, more farms are increasing efficiencies by incorporating smart technology, which increases their dependence on consistent, reliable power. Enercon helps overcome these power challenges by tailoring gen-set and control solutions to meet their critical, standby, and backup power needs. 

As the world depends on farmers, farmers depend on Enercon to keep them growing.


A Midwestern dairy farm is using the manure produced by its large herd of cattle to generate electrical power while reducing the overall odor of the facility.

This Co-generation, or CHP (Combined Heat & Power) unit, generates enough electricity to power the entire farm operation, while any excess power is sold back to the local utility. With the exception of planned maintenance shutdowns, the unit operates year-round 24/7/364.

Enercon has your power solution!
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Powering Industry Around the Globe

With over 50,000 projects completed and deployed worldwide in 110 countries, Enercon continues to help all industries overcome their toughest critical power challenges. Learn how we can help you do the same!


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