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Reliable, Durable, and Quick…
Custom Fabrication

When it comes to your power needs, you want a fabricator with the in-house capability to ensure optimal quality control and quick turn times. That's why we're proud to offer a full range of services at our custom fabrication shop. From milling and welding to painting and assembly, we have the resources and expertise to get the job done right. So, if you're looking for a fabricator you can trust, look no further than our custom fabrication shop. We'll be there when you need us, with the quality and service you deserve.

Custom Power Modules, Packaging and Enclosures

Enercon is a trusted resource for providing custom power solutions no matter how challenging the project. Our Mobile Power Modules and Trailers are custom engineered and built to meet our client's requirements for reliable portable power generation.

Available in modified commercial highway trailers; standard shipping containers, or single to quad axle configurations, these units serve a wide variety of applications where fast, plug-in mobile power generation is required.

Examples Uses:

  • Rental Units

  • Construction Sites

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities

  • Emergency Power

  • Entertainment Venues

  • Hospitals

  • Commercial High-rise

  • Standby Power

  • Military & Defense

  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

  • Prime Power

  • Petroleum & Oil Fields

  • Special Events

  • Shopping Malls

Custom Power Module

Our custom-designed and manufactured packaged power units are available with a wide variety of design features and options that emphasize durability as well as functionality so that each package meets your specific needs.


  • Horizontal or Vertical Radiators

  • Diesel or Natural Gas Fuel

  • Sound Attenuated

  • Internal Silencer Installations

  • Multiple Paint Selections

  • Easy Access Oil & Coolant Drains

  • Internal Lighting

  • Internal Switchgear and Controls

  • Single and Double Wall Fuel Tank Options


  • Fixed or Operable Intake & Exhaust  Louvers

  • External Lighting Options

  • Turning Vanes

  • Sand & Dust Filters

  • Battery Heaters & Thermostats

  • Lube Oil Make-up Systems

  • Fuel Water Separators

  • External Emergency Stop Buttons

  • Fire Suppression System

Sound Attenuation of
Packages and Enclosures

With many noise mitigation codes now being adopted for municipalities and the operational necessity for quiet critical power for the warfighter, sound attunement for gen-set enclosures and packages are a must-have.


Enercon utilizes a computerized sound attenuation program to determine the proper components and sound dampening materials for each application, allowing us to achieve noise levels as low as 72 dB(A) in many applications.

Sound Scale Comparison
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Contract Manufacturing
UL 508A / UL698A Industrial Control Panels

Enercon specializes in partnering with companies like yours to help provide turnkey solutions for Industrial Control Panel design and contract manufacturing services. Our 46 year legacy as a systems integrator for power controls, speaks to our ability to provide a quality product that meets your unique requirements.

Control Panels

Why Outsource Your Industrial Control Panels?

Whether you have a panel design and need it manufactured, or have a basic panel need without a design, Enercon can provide all the services necessary from component specifications to a finished control panel.


  • Outsourcing your control panel assembly to Enercon can save you time and money. Our ISO:9001 certified facility has a dedicated 50,000 sq. ft. UL508A / UL698A panel shop that can handle small, large, and custom electrical assemblies of various applications and project size quantity.


  • We guarantee the highest level of consistency, reliability, and quality for every control panel assembly. We will work with you to understand the specific verification, testing, and certification needs for your application and customize the right procedures to meet those needs.


  • If you are experiencing capacity constraints or looking to improve production efficiencies, gain access to industry expertise, produce consistent quality products, leverage engineering expertise, or lower your overhead costs; Enercon can help you overcome these challenges.

When you partner with Enercon for your control panel needs, you know you are working with experienced, service-minded people who will do whatever it takes to get the job done right.

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Testing Services

100% of all Enercon designed and engineered control systems and switchgear is thoroughly tested in our factory test center prior to shipment to the install site.

Enercon's comprehensive test facilities include capabilities to test engine-generator sets with or without switchgear, including resistive/reactive load banks, complete metering, and recording instrumentation, and the ability to test natural gas, diesel, or dual-fueled options. 

We offer both onsite and virtual witness testing of all equipment we fabricate.


  • 5,850KW with matching reactive load banks to .8 power factor

  • Complete Integrated Testing Capabilities

  • For 208V through 15kV

Military Standard Testing 

Enercon has the ability to facilitate complex environmental testing to simulate deployment situations such as high-altitude, saline exposure, extreme temperatures, and harsh terrain.

Enerecon Electrical Controls Testing
Enercon Genset Testing