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Sustainable Energy

Title: Building a secure energy and power grid for the future.

Written By: Chris Vavra

Date: September 2021

Read Time: 5 Minutes

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Title: Microgrids: a modern solution for America’s 100-year-old utility monopoly

Written By: Roxanne Fong

Date: June 2021

Read Time: 5 Minutes

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Climate Change

Title: Combatting the climate crisis through building electrification

Written By: Brian Alessi

Date: January 2022

Read Time: 5 Minutes

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Sustainable Energy

Title: Learn the status of the electrical, power industry.

Originally published in: Consulting-Specifying Engineer

Date: December 2021

Read Time: 5 Minutes

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Title: Commissioning emergency power systems.

Written By: Jesse Felter and Mark A. Gelfo

Date: July 2021

Read Time: 5 Minutes

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Climate Change

Title: Changes in the electrical power systems in manufacturing, industrial buildings.

Originally published in: Consulting-Specifying Engineer

Date: October 2021

Read Time: 5 Minutes

Sustainable Site Energy Solutions Whitepaper

Sustainable Energy

Title: Sustainable Site Energy Solutions

Written By: Jeff Wegner, PE, LEED AP, CEM

Date: April 2019

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase their site utility resiliency/reliability/redundancy

  • Lower their carbon footprint

  • Improve their bottom line

Read Time: 5 Minutes

Generators a Reliable Alternative Power Supply Whitepaper

Alternative Power

Title: Generators Function as a Reliable Power Supply

Written By: Zia Salami, Ph.D., CDM Smith, Charlotte, North Carolina; Nick Holway, PE, CDM Smith, Boston; and Tyler Roschen, PE, CDM Smith, Raleigh, North Carolina

Date: 2019

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn which factors to consider when selecting generators for specific applications.

  • Know the major criteria necessary to determine proper generator size.

  • Understand that electrical power system software can be used to perform generator sizing and system evaluation.

Read Time: 10 Minutes

NFPA 110 2019 White Paper

NFPA Standards

Title: NFPA 110 - 2019
Concepts and Change

Written By:  John Yoon, PE, LEED AP ID+C

Date: November 2019

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand NFPA 110: Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems classifications of emergency power systems.

  • Recognize common misconceptions regarding what NFPA 110 applies to.

  • Examine notable changes in the most current version of NFPA 110–2019.

Read Time: 10 Minutes

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