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Our Increased Capacity Means
Your Increased Throughput.

With high demands for quality OEM Control Panels, Enercon recently modernized our industrial control panel facility to increase production capacity by 140%. This update included expanding designated production lines, adding new functions to our test bay, and installing the latest automation technology; making Enercon a nimble, proficient, and cost-effective onshore option for our clients.

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OEM Manufacturing
UL508A / UL698A Industrial Control Panels

The manufacturing process at Enercon is an intricate one, with each stage ensuring the highest quality product. We build our products to meet or exceed UL 508A / UL 698A standards. From design to finish, our aim has always been for perfection - whether that means creating custom OEM industrial control panels by the hundreds or producing them on demand, as needed by our customers.

With over 50,000 projects delivered, we know what powers your industry, so as a panel manufacturer, we're able to deliver custom solutions to meet those needs. Our diverse experience ensures we stay up-to-date on evolving control panel manufacturing practices, PLC program requirements, and the latest hardware components used in various ICP applications.

Partnering with Enercon offers a reliable, dedicated solution for manufacturing OEM control panels tailored to your unique needs. We will work closely with you to ensure every detail is accounted for to produce an efficient product without sacrificing quality or value because we know you deserve both!

OEM Control Panel manufactured by Enercon in the USA
Why Outsource

Why Outsource Your Industrial Control Panels?

Many OEMs outsource their control panel manufacturing needs because it helps them focus on what they do best... design, build, and improve the equipment that is the life's blood of their business.


1. Time and Money

Outsourcing your control panel assembly to Enercon can save you time and money. Our ISO:9001-certified facility has a dedicated 50,000 sq. ft. UL508A / UL698A panel shop that can handle small, large, and custom electrical assemblies of various applications and project-size quantities.


2. Quality Assurance

We guarantee the highest consistency, reliability, and quality for every control panel assembly. We will work with you to understand the specific verification, testing, and certification needs for your application and customize the right procedures to meet those needs.

3. Capabilities

Our one-stop capabilities for engineering and design, panel fabrication, PLC programming, and product testing, provide convenience and flexible options to have Enercon develop UL-rated controls from scratch or your provided drawings.


4. Capacity

If you are experiencing capacity constraints or looking to improve production efficiencies, gain access to industry expertise, produce consistent quality products, leverage engineering expertise, or lower your overhead costs; Enercon can help you overcome these challenges.

When you partner with Enercon for your control panel needs, you know you are working with experienced, service-minded people who will do whatever it takes to get the job done right.

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Onshore Solutions That Rivals Global Suppliers

The industrial control panel and enclosure market is very competitive. Its historical dependency on complex global supply chains for design, fabrication, and modifications can lead to unforeseen complications for OEM procurement. The increased expense of overseas production, global shipping delays, and high labor and material shortages risk adding unnecessary complexity to the purchasing process, resulting in prolonged lead times, lower throughput, and lost revenues for American manufacturers.

Enercon helps our customers mitigate these factors by tapping into our extensive network of suppliers for quick procurement of high-demand parts, offering top-tier wages to attract top-tier talent, and utilizing the latest automation technology to reduce costs and increase efficiencies without compromising quality. 

Rittal Perforex Milling Terminal

Enercon is thrilled to bring one of the only Rittal Perforex Milling Terminals with EPLAN functionality to the Midwest. The Perforx MT is a computer-controlled machine that mills complete enclosures according to customer specifications – including cutouts for switches and displays.


The MT 2201 is the latest iteration of Rittal Automation Systems milling centers, and offers notable improvements as it processes all machinable materials, including mild and stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and plastic. With a working envelope of 2,200 x 1,100 x 400mm, the MT 2201 can be used with material up to 50kg in weight. It's also equipped with a 100-tool automatic tool changer, making it possible to process even the most complex jobs with ease.


By combining EPLAN with Enercon’s Rittal Perforex Milling Terminal, it only takes a few minutes to create a milling program once we receive a digital file containing all the necessary information on an enclosure, which greatly reduces lead times.

The accuracy and repeatability of the MT 2201 is assured with Rittal's patented vibration-damping system, which ensures accurate results even at high speeds. The four-axis CNC machine will complement our custom Industrial Control Panels production by allowing us to quickly drill & thread holes and create any shape cutouts in panel enclosures. This allows for quick turnaround times without sacrificing quality workmanship or material properties!


We are confident that the addition of this state-of-the-art machine will allow us to offer an even higher level of service to our customers.

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Enercon has your OEM Controls solution!
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