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New York, New York

New York High Rise

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Co-Generation in the Big Apple

On a high rise office building in NewYork City, a super efficient 1.6 mega watt custom engineered co-generation system provides peak shaving electric power, winter office heating, and summer air conditioning for the building.

This system has increased the buildings energy efficiency from a 30% to 40% range to 60% to 65%. The system will provide 60% of the building's electricity, and 65% of it's heating and cooling. The units engine exhaust and water jacket heat is harnessed into a single heat exchanger that generates hot water for the winter perimeter heating and operates an absorption chiller for summer air conditioning.


Project Specifications


- Insulated dual shell construction with surface temp. below 150°F based on inlet temp of 1200°F

- Finish painted with two coats of high heat paint

- Outer shell is 14 ga.steel & inner shell is 12 ga.steel

- ASA flanges on inlet & outlet


- Horizontal or vertical installation

- Interior installation removes unsightly silencer from roof of enclosure

Project Gallery

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