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New York, New York

New York Medical Center

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Control Panels

The project includes separate control panels for two Caterpillar 3516SITA gas generator sets, each rated at 815kW, 480 volts, and separate utility intertie circuit breaker panels. The generator control panels are located on the roof and the intertie panels are located in the basement of the Medical Center. All panels are built to UL standards and UL listed.


Project Specifications

Generator Controls & Circuit Breaker Panel

- Generator circuit breaker

- Woodward EasyGen Genset control module with door-mounted touch screen display

- Generator set status display

- Generator set metering and status

- Voltage, phase to phase, and phase to neutral

- Frequency

- Amperage in each phase

- kW

- kVAR

- Synchroscope

- Bus voltage and frequency

- Alarm and shutdown annunciation

- Automatic synchronizing

- Governor biasing for kW load control

- Voltage regulator biasing for kVAR control

- Communications gateway interface to PLC

- Schweitzer SEL-700G multifunction generator protective relay

- Protective relay test blocks

- Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC Platform

- 12” color touch screen includes the following screens

- Overall electrical online with breaker status

- Generator status screens

- System control parameters with three levels of password access

- System transition selection (open/closed transition)

- System timers

- System alarms and warnings screen

Remote Utility Intertie Control & Circuit Breaker Switchgear

- 820 kW

- Utility circuit breaker

- Schweitzer SEL-751 multifunction utility protective relay

- Protective relay test blocks

- Switchboard type wattmeter and voltmeter

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