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Midwest Dairy Farm

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A Midwestern dairy farm is using the manure produced by its large herd of cattle to generate electric power while reducing the overall odor of the facility.

This Co-generation, CHP (Combined Heat & Power) unit, generates enough electricity to power the entire farming operation, with excess electricity being sold back to the local utility. The heat from the 1200 horsepower generator set is harnessed and used to heat the digester mix to 110 degrees, producing the biogas fuel that powers the engine.

The digester slurry is sterile and odorless, which makes for excellent fertilizer. The dry solid digester product is also soft enough to provide an ideal bedding material for dairy cattle.

Except for planned maintenance shutdowns, the co-generation unit operates year-round 24/7/365.


Project Specifications


- 16 cylinder​

- 1,200 HP

- Biogas fuel (400 to 650 BTU/ cu.ft.)


- 848 kW

- 480 Volts


- Weatherproof

- Sound attenuated to 85 db(A) @ 1 meter

- Internal switchgear & controls

- Remote external horizontal radiator

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