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47 Years of Integrated Energy Expertise
50,000 Projects to Back It Up.

Enercon is a provider of integrated energy solutions for critical power applications. We offer a comprehensive solution that includes generator controls, paralleling switchgear, emergency standby, and distribution. Our products are built to various standards and can be customized to meet your specific performance, safety, and reliability requirements. In addition to our standard products, we also offer specialized solutions for renewable energy and defense applications.


Critical Power

It’s more than keeping the lights on.
It’s about keeping you operational 100% of the time.

Enercon helps to mitigate power loss within critical facilities such as Hospitals, Prisons, Data Centers, Water, and Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Government Embassy, Military Bases, National Levys, and more.

When a catastrophic power loss can result in the loss of life, property, or data, our clients turn to us to help overcome their toughest power challenges to ensure they are fully operational 24/7/365.

Enercon is your trusted resource for providing custom power solutions no matter how tough or complex your project is. As a power systems integration expert, our 46-year legacy thrives on technical expertise, speed, efficiency, customer service, and a commitment to getting your job done right.

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Switchgear Manufacturer

Low and Medium-Voltage

The heart of any power generation system is the performance and reliability of superior control systems and switchgear.

Enercon manufactures custom-designed switchgear for Low and Medium-Voltage on-site power applications up to 15kV.  We use all major brands of circuit breakers, and then tailor the switchboard to meet your specific needs. Both our Low and Medium-Voltage switchgear can be designed and labeled to meet UL891 or UL1558 requirements. 

Some specifications require the controls and switchgear to be combined in the same structure and we have the capability to meet these needs. Enercon typically integrates these separate controls into a control/switchgear line up which benefits the customer by:

  • Reducing required floor space

  • Reducing site interconnects

  • Accelerating installation time

  • Reducing project cost

Low-voltage Switchgear


Rate for up to 1,000 volts and current up to 6,000 amps.

Medium and High Voltage Switchgear.jpg


Voltages above 1,000 volts and below 69,000 volts.

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Energy Control Systems /
Industrial Control Panels

Our control systems utilize the latest in computer and communication technology, allowing the users to monitor and/ or control their systems from anywhere in the world or right from their desk!

At the heart of any power generation system is the performance and reliability of the control systems. Enercon is a UL508A labeled controls manufacturer. While control systems are often integrated into the switchgear lineup.


Other options include:

  • Separate Control Panel Lineups

  • Wall Mounted Controls

  • Control Consoles

  • Engine/Generator Mounted Controls

Enercon has the capability and experience to meet all of your unique control application needs, including UL508A. Enercon provides our customers with custom-designed solutions for power generation needs.


These consist of:​

  • Digital Metering

  • Multi-Function Protective Relaying

  • Engine Start/Stop Controls

  • System Automatic Paralleling and Loading Controls

  • Integration with Building Management Controls

  • Integration with Existing Site Systems

  • PLC Control System

Typical control applications include:

  • Load Shed/Load Add Controls

  • Open/Closed Transition Transfer

  • Import/Export Control

  • Base Load

  • Zero Power Transfer

  • Cogeneration Controls

  • PLC Base Loading and Standby Controls

  • Unique Site Integration Controls

  • SCADA System Controls

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Power Upgrades and Modernization

Modernizing your power systems with the latest digital technology allows you to maximize your investment in onsite power. Let us tailor it for you!

We start our projects by performing a site audit. This is a critical step to ensure a successful project. During the site audit, our experts review and document existing equipment and specifications. Next, we take the time to understand how you currently use the equipment, your likes and dislikes of the equipment, and what power problems you are trying to solve that the original equipment will not accomplish. Upon completion of the site audit, your Enercon team will provide a thorough evaluation and recommend the best solution to meet your current needs. 


Sometimes, a complete equipment replacement maybe your best course of action and will be determined by local codes, age of equipment, availability of existing parts, the extent of damage, and additional carrying factors.  However, when applicable, a great cost-effective way to modernize your existing power controls is by retrofitting new parts into the system while keeping some functioning items in place.

Retrofit Level Definitions

Level 1: Individual parts replacement. Quoting a few replacement parts while not addressing the total control panel, as a system. The warranty covers only the replaced parts and requires good documentation to ensure peripheral equipment or other items in the panel do not cause failures either in the new part or other.

Level 2: Replacing major components as a set. Items such as relays, terminal boards, or other non-critical items may be reused. All major electronic or programmable devices will be considered. The Sequence of Operation SOP can be altered, updated, or changed based on project requirements. The warranty covers only replaced parts.

Level 3: Removal of all controls while leaving the power envelope, PTs, and CTs. Replacement door plates and pans. All-new controls will be supplied. SOP reviewed and verified. Updated as required. All controls, sequences, programming, wiring, and devices are covered under warranty.

Level 4: Non-salvageable after site assessment and requiring, total gear replacement.

  • PLC Update – (Replace old or obsolete PLC. Upgrade to current technology. Update or reverse engineer the logic)

  • Touchscreen Update – (Replace old, obsolete, or faded and burned in touchscreen)

  • Replace Engine Controls – (Replace old or obsolete engine controls with current technology. Simplify and reduce components required to operate.)

  • Obsolete Circuit Breaker Replacement

  • Complete Equipment Replacement (Retro-fit existing cabinets and reuse only the circuit breakers and bus work or all-new gear)

  • Spare and/or Replacement Parts

  • Enclosure/Power Module Reconditioning – (Update controls and simplify operations. Configure for remote control. Can send Power module or controls to Enercon for work to be completed and tested)

  • Switchgear Reconditioning

  • Non-Enercon Equipment (Will work on other manufacturers or switchgear or controls)

  • Update of Equipment Capabilities (add remote monitoring or SCADA interface)

  • SCADA/Remote Access/Annunciator

  • Ongoing Service/Maintenance Contract

  • Multifunction Metering (Replace old analog meters with solid-state metering)

  • Multifunction Solid State Relays (Replace old obsolete individual protection relays with new technology multifunction relays)

Considerations for a Retrofit 

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