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McMurdo Station

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Power Packages for Harsh Environments

The USA Antarctica Program and NASA required a power unit to provide electricity for supporting the Long Duration Balloon instrument payload assembly and launch facilities at McMurdo.

Enercon was selected to custom design and build a special electrical power generation package using two (2) customer-provided engine-generators sets in a heavily modified container with special insulation in the walls, roof, and floor.

Our custom engineered power enclosure packages are designed to provide reliable electric power under the extreme operating conditions at McMurdo Station, Antarctica where temperatures range from +55 f to -90 f with high winds and snow. To accomplish this feat, composite materials were used to prevent the infiltrating cold from creating frost on internal components, while remotely mounted radiators are in separate temperature-controlled compartments.


Project Specifications

Harsh Environment Power Package

- 2 engine-generators

- 150 Kw each, 0.8 pf

- 208V ac, 3 ph, 60 hz

- Auto control switchgear

- 4 in. insulation to R-20

- Roof-mounted critical grade silencer

- Interior lighting

- Heated battery box

- Internal space heaters

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