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New Orleans, Louisiana

Power to Protect

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Critical Standby Power for Levee System

New Orleans may be America's most unique city --- AND its most vulnerable. The elevation of most of New Orleans is below sea level and the city is located between two very large bodies of water, the Mississippi to its South and Lake Pontchartrain to its North. This makes New Orleans highly vulnerable to catastrophic flooding during and after major hurricanes such as Katrina.

To help protect New Orleans, an Enercon Engineering custom-designed power generation unit is now in place and ready to operate. Elevated above the highest possible waterline, and designed to withstand sustained winds of 150 mph, this unit is on standby to power three gigantic pumps in the next emergency.


Project Specifications


16 cylinder, 3,500 BHP @ 900 RPM continuous​


2.6 Megawatts Total Power

2,400 Volts


Fully automatic with switchgear



Sound Attenuated

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