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Saluda, Virginia

Waste Management Landfill

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Waste to Energy

Enercon Engineering custom designed and built controls & switchgear for the Waste Management Saluda, Va. landfill which uses eight Caterpillar G3515 engines powered by methane gas from decomposing waste to operate generators that produce electric power which is sold to the local utility company, Dominion Transmission Power Co.

Waste Management uses air/fuel ratio controllers and programming to allow operation within the variable threshold of landfill gases, as the naturally formed methane fuel content varies.


Project Specifications


- Eight Caterpillar G3516

- 1,148 HP @ 1,200 rpm


- 820 kW

- 4,160 volts, 142 amps

- 60 hertz, 3 phase

- 6,520 kW total power

Controls & Switchgear

- 4.16kV

- Utility tie-breaker (52-T)

- NEMA 1 for indoor use

- 95″ high, 85″ deep, 396″ long

Project Gallery

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