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SwitchIQ: Unleash Intelligent Power with
Advanced Switchgear Control Solutions

Experience seamless integration, advanced control, and comprehensive protection tailored to your specific needs. SwitchIQ offers customizable levels of intelligence, allowing you to choose the functionality that aligns perfectly with your system requirements. With its user-friendly interface and streamlined architecture, SwitchIQ revolutionizes the way you manage and monitor your switchgear. Don't settle for outdated systems – unleash the power of intelligence with SwitchIQ and optimize the performance of your power infrastructure.



Enercon's intelligent switchgear solution for enhanced control, protection, efficiency, and safety.

Take your switchgear system to the next level with SwitchIQ, the cutting-edge intelligent gen-set control solution. Designed to adapt to the unique intelligence requirements of your system, SwitchIQ offers advanced control, protection, and monitoring capabilities for a wide range of applications, from Prime Power plants to complex bus arrangements.

Smart Functionality Tailored to Your Needs

SwitchIQ is built around the concept of customization, allowing you to choose the level of intelligence that aligns perfectly with your system requirements. Whether you seek basic control and protection or a highly sophisticated, fully automated solution, SwitchIQ offers the flexibility to match your needs precisely.

Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Interface

With SwitchIQ, you benefit from the powerful ComAp IG31000XBBB and IM31010XBBB platforms, delivering reliable and efficient operation of your switchgear system. Paired with the ComAp IV5.2, IV10T, or IV18T displays, depending on your specific application, SwitchIQ provides a user-friendly interface for seamless control and monitoring.

Comprehensive Generator and Intertie Protection

SwitchIQ prioritizes the protection of your valuable generator assets. Every generator section is equipped with the SEL-700G protection system, ensuring comprehensive and robust protection for optimal performance and longevity. The SEL-751 is employed in every intertie section, guaranteeing secure operation and seamless integration.

Organized Architecture for Enhanced Efficiency

With SwitchIQ, you can bid farewell to additional programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or branded human-machine interfaces (HMIs). The entire control and monitoring functionality is consolidated within the ComAp platform, streamlining the architecture, reducing costs, and elevating the intelligence of your system.

Flexibility for Engine Interfaces

SwitchIQ's engine interface is designed to adapt to diverse engine types seamlessly. Whether you require basic "contact" input/output, electronic engine control unit (ECU) interfaces via 2-wire serial links, or full-blown Ethernet connections, SwitchIQ supports a wide range of engine communication protocols, ensuring smooth coordination and communication.

Flawless Integration and Easy Installation

SwitchIQ effortlessly integrates into both wall-mount and floor-standing control configurations, ensuring compatibility with gear provided by other suppliers. This streamlined integration facilitates a smooth installation process and minimizes potential disruptions.

Customized Solutions for Feeder Sections

SwitchIQ offers tailored solutions to address feeder section requirements specific to your project. For low-voltage projects, it includes circuit breaker (CB) trip units with integral ground fault (GF) protection and neutral current sensing (NCS). Medium-voltage projects benefit from low-resistance ground components and source ground sensing. Additionally, medium-voltage projects always include 87 relays for enhanced safety.

Discover the different levels of intelligence offered by SwitchIQ

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Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 10.36.21 AM.png

Level 1:

  • Essential control and protection features.

  • Parallel operation with up to 31 other generator sections.

  • Compatibility with any version of the utility section.

  • Integration with existing Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS).

Level 2:

  • Enhanced control and monitoring capabilities.

  • Incorporation of utility protection relay for advanced protection and control.

  • Increased intelligence to optimize system performance.

Level 3:

  • Fully automated and intelligent solution.

  • Ideal for systems requiring prolonged parallel operation with the utility.

  • Designed for systems with two utilities.

  • Comprehensive system one-line diagram for enhanced visibility.

  • Multiple operation modes, including Baseload, Storm Anticipation, Import/Export, and Test mode.

  • Automatic recommendation for manual load-shedding scenarios.

  • 18" screen for improved visibility.

  • HMI placement optimized for single and two utility systems.

  • Inclusion of SEL relay for advanced protection and control.

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Future-Ready Switchgear Solutions for Retrofit and New Installations

SwitchIQ is a cutting-edge retrofit solution and ideal for new low-voltage and medium-voltage switchgear installations. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing switchgear system or embark on a new project, SwitchIQ offers the versatility and intelligence required for both scenarios. With its advanced control capabilities, comprehensive protection features, and seamless integration options, SwitchIQ empowers you to optimize the performance of your switchgear, regardless of whether it's a retrofit or a new installation.


Experience the future of switchgear technology with SwitchIQ, designed to meet your needs, both present and future. Contact us today to get started!

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